Personal Scale (Digital Scale)


  • Product Type: Body Weight Scales
  • Digital bathroom scale, accurately measures weight.
  • Warranty not applicable
  • Handle with Care
  • Do not step on it with wet feet, to avoid you slipping.


This Personal Digital Weighing Scale will help you accurately monitor your body weight. It is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor that will ensure you get your actual body weight. It has been designed in a way that allows it to use advanced algorithms to calculate body fat, hydration levels, and muscle mass and bone index measurements within seconds of stepping onto the scale. This will help you know if you are making progress in your weight loss program or not. It has an 8 mm tempered safety glass platform for durability. It will be able to withstand the all kinds of body weight up to 180 kg.Personal scale is a ideal tool for every home to enable accurately monitor weight health and your children. It has a 10 seconds battery time that auto switch off when idle for 10 seconds by this you saves for money for battery replacement. The tempered glass is designed to keep you from slipping using though it is best advised not to use it when your feet are wet nor inside a bathroom.


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