75FT Expandable Water Garden Magic Hose


  • Won’t kink
  • Won’t tangle
  • Super light weight
  • Great for patios, gardens, cars and more. Expands up to 75 feet!
  •  Easy to store, portable and lightweight!
  •  Strong  and durable


75Ft Expandable Garden Water Hose It is time to say goodbye to your heavy and short hose. Say hello to the 75 Feet Expandable Hose.A water hose is a necessary tool in every household. Aside from keeping your plants alive, they are also useful in doing the laundry or cleaning your car. And since this hose is expandable, it makes the job easier. It expands automatically thanks to its elastic materials. Storage is also not a problem because you can make stack it compactly. Lightweight and durable, the 75 Feet Expandable Hose brings a lot of convenience to your housekeeping.


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