Master Chef 7-in-1 Juice Extractor And Blender


The Blender And Juice Extractor contains:

  • Powerful Motor base
  • Blender jar with detachable filter
  • Citrus juicer
  • 2 pics mill
  • Chopper/slicer blade unit
  • Juice Container
  • Suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables
  • It has multiple speed control
  • It is affordable and of good quality

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The Blender And Juice Extractor is built to help every home create their own tasty juice beverages. The juicer’s extra-large round feeder allows you to put in whole veggies and fruits with no need for chopping, dicing and peeling.
With this commercial-quality juicer, you don’t have to worry as one can easily make his/her tasty and fresh juice at home at every point in time.
The multi blender and jar can blend all kinds of vegetables, fruits and various mixed fruits. The unique filter enables one prepare fresh soy bean milk as well as slicing and chopping of all kinds of meat, preparing your own minced meat.
With this Juicer/blender, all your dry mill blending is now possible as well as your daily needs of fresh juice keeping the original flavour in place.
Get one today and give your kitchen that lift it deserves.



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