Master Chef Pressure Pot – 9.5L


  • Fast cooking
  • 9.5 litres capacity
  • Gasket release mechanism
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable


The Master Chef 9.5L Litre Pressure Cooker cooks food faster than regular cooking pots; it has a triple safety system that helps to secure to lid and prevent any form of accident. The gasket release mechanism allows for excess pressure to go out of the cooker. This is to ensure that the pressure from inside the pot does not take the lid off. This pressure cooker has heavy duty construction which makes it sturdy and it requires little maintenance.

  • Fast cooking
  • 9,5 litres capacity
  • Easy to use and clean

It also makes food preparation very fast while requiring less energy. Cooking with a pressure cooker helps retain important nutrients in food. If you prepare vegetables with this pressure cooker, it will remain crisp, fresh and it will retain its flavor and natural color.


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